Pp plastic cups custom FAQ

Taking advantage of today's free time, Feiteng xiaobian we often encounter customized milk tea cup related 
questions to summarize and answer.

1. What is the moQ of milk tea cup?
Answer: for this problem, different factories have different moQ requirements, some small equipment factory
1000 can also be customized, large equipment factory general minimum to 10000 moQ. For PP milk tea blister 
cups, our factory's minimum order is also 10,000.
2. Why can some disposable blister milk tea cups be brushed?
Answer: blister milk tea cup appears to draw the phenomenon, is caused by in the process of cup. The
normal gram weight blister cup drawing phenomenon is less, if the gram weight is larger the drawing 
phenomenon is more serious. Brushed this circumstance is unavoidable, just be apparent with not apparent 
distinction just.

3. How to make milk tea cup custom-made?
A: The customized milk tea cup requires the customer to provide LOGO related documents, such as: CDR,
AI, PS related documents, and then the factory to design and typesetting. After satisfactory typesetting, 
the customer will pay the deposit, and the factory will arrange plate making and order production.
4, why the plastic milk tea cup custom will exist color difference?
A: The plastic milk tea cup is printed with artificial ink. It is impossible for manual palette to be the same
 color as actual computer renderings, so there will be certain color differences. It is normal to be within the
 range of chromatic aberration.

5. How long can the disposable milk tea cup be delivered?
Answer: According to the delivery time, it depends on the customer's ordering time and the order of the
factory to carry out production. The possibility of equipment failure is not ruled out midway. Therefore, it 
is recommended that customers need to customize, as far in advance as possible to order oh.

6. Do you usually send the goods by express or by logistics?
Answer: all factories cooperate with specialized express delivery and logistics companies. It is cost-effective
 to send express delivery when the number of customers is small, and cheaper to send logistics freight 
when the quantity is large.

7. What should I do if I find problems with the products after receiving the goods?
A: If there is a quality problem with the cups, the factory will reschedule the production to the customer.
If it is not a quality problem, there is a color difference related to the situation, can be negotiated to solve.
 Until the customer is satisfied.
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